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No Longer the Property of 4.1 – 5.29 2011


No Longer the Property of @ LCCMLCCM begins it’s second year of programming with the exhibition No Longer the Property of, brought to us by guest curators Mariah Doren & Selena Kimball. No Longer the Property of investigates the way objects, ideas and spaces are traded, manipulated and made new. Featuring the work of Mariah Doren, Carl Ferrero, Danny Goodwin, Katy Krantz, Nate Larson, Cybele Lyle, and Jenny Vogel, it is ultimately a show about things once owned by others.

Working with material history, political and personal, the artists in this show call attention to the layers of meaning that accrue as an object, or space, passes hands. Doren’s prints imagine what is buried in Freshkills landfill, New York City’s main repository for discarded items in the 20th century. Ferrero hand-makes the everyday detritus of an urban street corner in trompe l’oeil paper sculptures; in doing so the very act of looking at garbage becomes an aesthetic meditation. Milk jugs and bean cans pose as IED’s (improved explosive device) in Goodwin’s color photographs based, in part, on actual failed devices. Krantz’s specimen-like collages are made from artwork discarded by her students, friends, and even herself – a distillation of the messy act of making. Transforming real places into dream-like montages, Lyle plays with sites of memory to explore connections between constructed space & constructed subjectivity. How are we to decipher the history of someone else’s stuff? Vogel’s enigmatic re-presentation of two objects from the past are a short poem about this very question.