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Everything Never Goes Away


Everything never goes awayEVERYTHING NEVER GOES AWAY
Opens Friday @ LCCM – Hope to see you here!
Reception Friday, August 6, from 5-9 pm

EVERYTHING NEVER GOES AWAY is planned to coincide with California Coastal Cleanup Day on September 25 & riffs on the various associations between our ways of life and our trash: environmental degradation, chemical pollutants, waste management systems, refuse & recycling, plastics & the Pacific gyre, offshore oil drilling &, as if on cue, our horrific mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

The work featured in EVERYTHING NEVER GOES AWAY combines the aestheticization of trash with a commentary on American culture.  Mendocino artist, Hilary Dimock, transforms junk mail into miniature sculptures. Oakland-based artist Pete Glover presents his Junk Pirate Found Art Exhibition, in which commonplace items such as antiquated video game controllers are exploited for their aesthetic, as well as nostalgic, properties. In Rebecca Najdowski’s stop-motion video Trace, the natural world provides the setting for discarded remnants of the human material world to become biomorphic entities that invade, grow, and struggle with the space. Jane Kim & Joshua Short, both recent artists-in-residence at Recology San Francisco (the San Francisco Dump), use found and scavenged materials as their media. Kim, trained in scientific illustration, uses reclaimed house paint and sheetrock to make paintings that combine depictions of endangered species with architectural elements of design. Short’s Grill of Steel is a spectacular & fully functional DJ booth/hamburger grill constructed entirely of items scavenged from the SF Dump.

A selection of prints & photographs made by Louisiana artists in the wake of the April 20 Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion comes to us courtesy of Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans. Brian Borrello, Teresa Cole, Stephen Collier, Bob Compton, Jennifer Odem, Cynthia Scott, Dan Rule, Dan Tague, & Charlie Varley react to the environmental disaster through their work. Proceeds from the sale of these prints will be donated to Gulf Aid, a 501(c3) nonprofit corporation established in response to the biggest oil spill in US history.

LCCM will be participating in California Coastal Cleanup Day as Beach Captains at Blues Beach, north of Fort Bragg. In addition to cleaning the beach, we will engage in a collective & collaborative creative endeavor with the trash & recyclables we collect before their disposal.